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  • Our favourite Christmas markets in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 24th November 2023

    It’s nearly time to go Christmas crazy – and what is better than to visit a Christmas market, see the beautiful lights, taste the traditional Danish fare, like Gløgg (our type of mulled wine) or Brunkager, Klejner (Christmas cookies), or the amazing Danish Æbleskiver (small…

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  • The best places for ice skating in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 22nd November 2023

    Brrr – the winter has definitely arrived here in Copenhagen. It is freezing cold, so now the Danes are busy planning exactly what to do in the blistering cold. The weather doesn’t stop the Copenhageners from venturing outdoors. ICESKATING is a favourite thing to do,…

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  • Danish words and what they (might) mean part 2.

    Anya Jensen 3rd November 2023

    Remember this post I posted ages ago about random Danish words/phrases and what they actually mean? Well, I believe it is time for a much-needed update, on random Danish words and sayings that might mean something other than you think: Før djævlen får sko på!! Before…

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  • Autumn things to see and do in Copenhagen – a GUIDE

    Anya Jensen 21st October 2023

    AHHHH Autumn.! Autumn has always been a fickle time of year. You can have amazing sunny days, where the landscape thrills you with the colour explosion, or wild winds, rain, – you know – that literally goes straight through you. Both have their charm, as…

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  • REFSHALEØEN – a Copenhagen destination!

    Anya Jensen 4th October 2023

    Copenhagen’s once-industrial district, Refshaleøen, – also known as REFFEN–  has transformed into one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods, known for its creativity, alternative urban development, festivals, and diverse culinary options. Accessible by bike, bus, or even harbor bus, this island has become an integral part…

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  • A bit about age and what comes next

    Anya Jensen 19th September 2023

    So I recently hit a milestone! Another digit in my age, and it kinda threw me into a random mix of feelings. On one hand, I realised that I had more time behind me, than in front of me, but on the other hand, it…

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  • A visit to the pumpkin farm

    Anya Jensen 3rd September 2023

    >>> I just wanted to butt in – and give you a fresh update on the PUMPKIN scenario. Well, Halloween, has surpassed Fastelavn (see these posts) as we spoke about before, and this adopted tradition, has fast become a favourite of little kids and teenagers…

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  • Copenhagen and a bit a about the weather

    Anya Jensen 28th May 2023

    Many years ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who live abroad, about the weather. I said, that in Copenhagen, (or at least I do this) people generally obsess about the temperature in the summer. – what I mean is – that…

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  • Weekend shenanigans

    Anya Jensen 14th May 2023

    Well, finally Spring arrived here in Copenhagen – and what a weekend!! We celebrated not 1 but 2 Birthdays which was lovely. Paul & Audrey – so congratulations to the both of them. I truly enjoyed being outdoors, rummaging in the garden and creating things…

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  • Back in the mix

    Anya Jensen 22nd April 2023

    Well well well, it’s really been a while. Not sure if people even blog anymore, but I’m going to make a go of it again. I haven’t blogged since 2021, so Hello there – thanks for stopping by. Everyone’s grown up in this household –…

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