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  • A walk in sunny – but cold Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 25th January 2020

    REKLAME Every weekend we try to get out and see as much as this awesome city has to offer. You see, I think it is SOO important to inspire, educate and open the minds of young adults. You grow as you see is my mantra…

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  • The best things to see and do in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 23rd January 2020

    Remember this article I wrote for TimeOut London last year The 13 best things to see and do in Copenhagen? Well, the list has been updated, so here is another sneak peek of the things we think you should be seeing if you ever visit…

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  • The best iceskating rinks in Copenhagen – 2019 version

    Anya Jensen 1st January 2020

    WE love to ice-skate. It is a simple, cheap,  and fun way to be together with the whole family. It is fun, gets you fit, and also – it is quite easy to get the kids to come outside – even though it is blistering…

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  • TWEENTOWN Christmas mini-magazine

    Anya Jensen 20th December 2019

    We always make a Tweentown mini-magazine filled to the brim with inspiration, shopping guides, editorials and much more. It is short. It is sweet and it is right here. Everything you need for your Tweens and teens for Christmas. What could be easier – just…

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    Anya Jensen 16th December 2019

    Finally, the World is waking up to the reality of climate change, and we are also realizing that the change starts with us – more importantly, our children. The Tweentown girls had a long chat about what they thought we could do to minimize waste at Christmas:  1.…

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  • Periods – PERIOD!!

    Anya Jensen 23rd May 2019

    Your Mother probably had the chat with you many years ago, and now it is time you have the chat with your tween/teen daughter. At some point, you have to talk to your pre-teen. The young women get their first menstruation earlier and earlier than…

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  • Bullies

    Anya Jensen 9th May 2019

    Everybody knows a bully A bully is someone who picks on other kids. Someone who thinks it is funny to make others sad, someone who excludes specific others. But a bully is also the person who joins in. Or the person who calls names because…

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  • TWEENTOWN ‘The floral Issue’ now live

    Anya Jensen 13th April 2019

    Oops, we have done it again. It is actually a matter of having so much gone on inside my head, that I want to share with people, – you guys – and it has become the 5th TWEENTOWN magazine – the 2nd Spring edition which…

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  • When something becomes an Insta sensation

    Anya Jensen 13th February 2019

    I work with Social Media marketing – with my own brand and at work. I create inspiring visual content, something that grab your attention and makes you want to know more… Social Media is a powerful marketing tool, and influencer marketing has grown explosively in…

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    Anya Jensen 27th January 2019

    reklame/inviteret. I attended the IMM cologne interior design fair a few weeks ago with the crew from NKBA global connect, and these are some of the trends I spotted in the Trend Atmospheres zone: Pastels are defo back in business. Pastels were seen on furniture, lamps,…

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