Copenhagen Guide for teens and tweens

Copenhagen guide for teens and tweens!

Anya Jensen15th November 2020
When you are parents to a teen or a tween you know that they are notoriously difficult to entertain!

Teens and tweens spend a lot of their time engrossed on their phones, playing online videogames, TikTok’ing, and socializing with their friends -probably online. It has become the way they communicate with each other, the place they gather information and inspiration.

We have learned that it can be difficult to get them out and about, and especially holidays can be challenging for parents entertaining the kids.

To eliminate boredom we have created a bucket list of places to see if you visit Copenhagen (and surrounding areas) with tweens and teens.

There is something here for everyone!! Something to do if the weather is bad. Something to do if the sun is shining. Things that are free. Some with a fee. Things you can eat and drink. We hope you get inspired. We sure did making this awesome guide.!

The guide is free for you to download and read on @Issue – you can find the link right here.

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