The KunstLab in Louisiana (for kids)

Anya Jensen4th May 2021
The girls were lucky to attend the KunstLab art school at Louisiana Museum for modern art during the last winter season.

It was a bit different due to Covid19, but the programme was meticulously planned around the exhibitions at the museum, as well as Louisiana’s own art collections. The children went there for 9 weeks, and they got to play with many different art forms and view many different genres of art by many different artists:

Tetsumi Kudo, Germaine Richer, Per Kirkeby, Anupama Kundoo and many more.

I asked the girls what they thought – and they absolutely loved immersing themselves into the art, and trying to get into the heads of the artists, without plagiarism- to actually try and get their own take on the piece, and their own interpretations.

Their most favourite sessions were the ones where they made collages and fantastic masques – taken from the ‘Fantastiske Kvinder’ exhibition, as well as making small Indian inspired houses – like Anupama Kundoo, painted with chalk, made sculptures with cheese wax and much more.

I have collected a few images that I really loved from the vernissage – the girls did really well, and I think they did themselves proud. Audrey, my eldest daughter, said she struggled a bit because she used her brain too much to try and ‘make it correctly’ – but her stuff looked great nevertheless. Holly, on the contrary, just let it go and allowed her brain to be switched off, and the artworks to take their own form. Both girls ended up with great art pieces, many of which still adorn the walls back home.I have added a few images from the art school, and also some from the vernissage where they got to showcase their art.

All in all, I think it is a great way to spend some wintry afternoons, the kids get to use their brain differently- as well as interpreting art. What’s not to love.

You can find the programme for the art school right here:
And the general Louisiana programme here. They have opened up again, but you need to bring CovidPass as well as book a timeslot before arrival.




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