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Anya Jensen16th July 2021
Last year I created a go-to guide for parents with teens and tweens visiting Denmark – mainly the Capital of Copenhagen and the island of Zealand. There are SOO many absolutely amazing places to visit, and we wanted to share the ones that made our hearts beat just a little bit faster.
We started at Skovtårnet (the forest tower) and Camp Adventure in Næstved:

In the middle of a vast beech forest at Gisselfeldt Kloster in the south of Zealand stands a big sculptural tower reaching 45 meters into the sky. The forest tower is a majestic feature designed by EFFEKT architects – who made sure to pay respect to the surroundings, and nature, and built a tower that blends in with the forest.  The Tower, shaped like an hourglass, is made from cortex steel with a reddish-brown colour – which fits perfectly to the forest. When you walk up the tower – the landscape opens up welcoming you in as your walk higher and higher – culminating at the very top with a stunning 360-degree view of the scenery. 

With a tween and a teen in tow getting to the forest tower was an exciting walk (quick excited walk) through the green beech forest – on the boardwalk, and then racing to the top – so eager to get to see the view from up above. The kids have no fear of heights and reaching the top was great fun and achieved at a rapid pace. Once you get up there you are able to see the stunning landscape for miles and miles on a sunny day. Looking out from the top made your heart beat a little bit faster but it was worth the climb. Looking down the inside of the tower was also something else because you were looking at the treetops – from above. 

After The Forest Tower, we walked back to the camp adventure site. It is filled with cool food trucks, dainty places to eat your packed lunch, as well as a great adventure playground. The kids were roaming around, climbing, and playing – and it took no time before we had to head to our climbing slots. 

The climbing park is the most awesome climbing park we have seen yet. We started by getting thorough instructions from the instructors. They make sure your harness is secured correctly (important) and then you go to the actual climbing site – where other instructors are ready to make sure you know how to click on and off the ropes. 

The systems are the Clic-it system – a magnetic system that ensures that climbers are restrained until their feet are back on the ground again. Camp Adventures offers 10 climbing courses that all vary in difficulty. On the courses, you move from tree to tree via either obstacles or zip lines. 

It took us a while before we got the hang of it – but when we did, we were off!!. It was brilliant and we spend more than 4 hours, sliding, climbing, crawling, and laughing in the beech forest amongst the treetops. 

The children said they felt like superheroes, flying from tree to tree, and we (the adults)even joined in the fun. The girls said it was the most brilliant day out, and we couldn’t agree more – a perfect day being active as a family. 

SKOVTÅRNET & CAMP ADVENTURE, Skovtårnsvej 1, 4683 Rønnede/Camp Adventure is a 45-50 minute drive from Copenhagen

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