• Glutenfree Rhubarb and raspberry crumble

    Anya Jensen 16th November 2020

    Well, well well, it is getting colder, so what do we do to make things a little cozier here in Denmark? We create hygge. Simple hygge is literally staying indoors, with a good book, film, something hot to drink, loads of candles, and of course something warming, something baked. We have also added cooking/baking to our weekendplan, and today we decided to make the ever-popular Rhubarb and raspberry crumble. Since the…

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  • December like a Dane

    Anya Jensen 3rd December 2018

    Read my article for from last year on how you too can spend Christmas the Danish Way.   We are all about spending time with family outdoors, of cultivating traditions and togetherness, and of course, glugging gløgg. December like a Dane In Denmark, we…

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  • What is this liquoric​e infatuation in Scandinavia?

    Anya Jensen 2nd December 2018

    If you ever visit the Nordic countries, you’ll come across liquorice in some form pretty rapidly. We just love the stuff, and I admit I have been a huge fan of salty liquorice since I was a child. But it is a bit like Marmite,…

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  • The 13 Best restaurants in Copenhagen.

    Anya Jensen 29th October 2018

    As you all know, I lived in London for more than 11 years, and I loved it. When I was younger I needed to live in a fast-paced place, with (cheap) and easy access to the rest of the World and London was ideal. I…

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    Anya Jensen 3rd August 2018

    If there is one thing we enjoy eating in our family it is ice-cream. We are actual connoisseurs and probably consume far more ice-cream than we should. So we have taken it upon ourselves to share our F A V O R I T E…

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  • FASTELAVNSboller – a tasting

    Anya Jensen 4th February 2018

    When Fastelavn* is approaching, the bakeries in Denmark start baking the popular “Fastelavnsboller”, easiest compared to a choux bun; pastry with whipped cream, custard or jam. These are wildly popular, and a bit of a culinary sweet treat. This year my daughter suggested we made…

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  • Issuu publisher of the month SIMPLY DANISH LIVING

    Anya Jensen 8th January 2018

    SO here it is – my Q&A with Issuu as I have been picked to be their publisher of the month. Read the article on the Issuu blog right here. We’re proud to share that our Publisher of the Month for January is Simply Hygge,…

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  • APPLE GLØGG recipe

    Anya Jensen 4th December 2017

    I am delighted to share another favourite Gløgg recipe, one that is suitable for people who do not drink alcohol, and also for children. A delicious hot drink enjoyed when it is cold outside, leaves you with a satisfactory feeling of hygge and it is…

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  • RED WINE GLØGG recipe

    Anya Jensen 2nd December 2017

    Gløgg is a spicy mulled wine with origins from the German Glühwein. It is a very popular drink in the colder months, and in Denmark, it is one of our favourite things to enjoy during the festive month of December, and for most gatherings, people…

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  • Utterly delicious HAVREGRYNSKUGLER

    Anya Jensen 29th November 2017

    When I was little, one of the first edible things I managed to make entirely on my own was what we call ‘Havregryns Kugler’, which is a small round oat and chocolate ball, covered in coconut shavings – let me tell you – it is…

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