• A monday stories – featuring Tweentown

    Anya Jensen 24th March 2021

    I have been working with AK from the Danish kids designer brand ‘A Monday in Copenhagen‘ for the past few years in connection with my magazine Tweentown. I was therefore thrilled when AK asked me to feature in their ‘A monday stories’ – small stories and anecdotes from people in the children’s fashion industry. This is my story: A MONDAY stories – featuring Anya from TWEENTOWN! Anya Nøddebo Jensen is a freelance…

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  • Meet a tween – MIA from San Fransisco

    Anya Jensen 10th April 2020

    In every single Tweentown magazine we have a feature called ‘Meet a tween’. WHY do we have that feature, well, because, we really enjoy getting to meet youngsters all over the World, and hear what they get up to. This time we have met Mia…

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    Anya Jensen 8th April 2020

    This issue of Tweentown has been the most difficult edition I have ever had to make, due to the uncertain times because of the Coronavirus outbreak. We have been speaking openly to the girls about what is going on right now because they are big…

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  • A walk in sunny – but cold Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 25th January 2020

    REKLAME Every weekend we try to get out and see as much as this awesome city has to offer. You see, I think it is SOO important to inspire, educate and open the minds of young adults. You grow as you see is my mantra…

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  • TWEENTOWN Christmas mini-magazine

    Anya Jensen 20th December 2019

    We always make a Tweentown mini-magazine filled to the brim with inspiration, shopping guides, editorials and much more. It is short. It is sweet and it is right here. Everything you need for your Tweens and teens for Christmas. What could be easier – just…

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    Anya Jensen 16th December 2019

    Finally, the World is waking up to the reality of climate change, and we are also realizing that the change starts with us – more importantly, our children. The Tweentown girls had a long chat about what they thought we could do to minimize waste at Christmas:  1.…

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  • Bullies

    Anya Jensen 9th May 2019

    Everybody knows a bully A bully is someone who picks on other kids. Someone who thinks it is funny to make others sad, someone who excludes specific others. But a bully is also the person who joins in. Or the person who calls names because…

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  • The hOle in the wall editorial

    Anya Jensen 21st December 2018

    For many years I have been driving past a hole in an old brick wall on the Northcoast of Denmark. Being a curious soul like I am, I always wondered what I’d find behind the hole and how many stories one could tell about the…

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  • What is this liquoric​e infatuation in Scandinavia?

    Anya Jensen 2nd December 2018

    If you ever visit the Nordic countries, you’ll come across liquorice in some form pretty rapidly. We just love the stuff, and I admit I have been a huge fan of salty liquorice since I was a child. But it is a bit like Marmite,…

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  • Is it all about fun in your family?

    Anya Jensen 7th November 2018

    Some of you have recently asked me how I manage to pack so much ‘fun stuff’ into a busy week, where jobs, homework, parenting, cooking, cleaning – and all of the mediocre, daily tasks, tend to take over. This is where I am probably a bit…

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