About me

As a youngster, I travelled, explored, and lived away for more than 11 years. I loved my globetrotting life, but I always longed for something else. My searching continued, and after a while, I realized that what I truly love most of all are the simple pleasures in life.

Pleasures that are found by being with people you care about, doing things that you enjoy, and generally being happy in the moment.  I believe that our society is running too fast sometimes, and in my family, we try to take a breather and do things that we actually enjoy.

I am a writer, photographer & stylist, and I live in Copenhagen with my 2 daughters and my British husband. I can’t wait to share how we live a simple Danish life, filled with hygge, fun, laughter, and quite a bit of cake.

Hope you will come and explore with me. It’s lovely to meet you!
X Anya

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