• Copenhagen Guide for teens and tweens

    Copenhagen guide for teens and tweens!

    Anya Jensen 15th November 2020

    When you are parents to a teen or a tween you know that they are notoriously difficult to entertain! Teens and tweens spend a lot of their time engrossed on their phones, playing online videogames, TikTok’ing, and socializing with their friends -probably online. It has become the way they communicate with each other, the place they gather information and inspiration. We have learned that it can be difficult to get…

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  • Copenhagen guide for teens and tweens – TIVOLI GARDENS

    Anya Jensen 20th June 2020

    We are explorers. This is something I have always valued. Seeing exciting new places, seeing how the girls react, what they think, and how they form an opinion. Brains are a great thing, and as far as I am concerned – they more stuff I…

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  • Meet a tween – MIA from San Fransisco

    Anya Jensen 10th April 2020

    In every single Tweentown magazine we have a feature called ‘Meet a tween’. WHY do we have that feature, well, because, we really enjoy getting to meet youngsters all over the World, and hear what they get up to. This time we have met Mia…

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    Anya Jensen 8th April 2020

    This issue of Tweentown has been the most difficult edition I have ever had to make, due to the uncertain times because of the Coronavirus outbreak. We have been speaking openly to the girls about what is going on right now because they are big…

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  • Homeschooling tips for older kids during Coronavirus

    Anya Jensen 21st March 2020

    Here in Denmark, we are on our second week of self-isolating due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Our day-to-day looks a lot different than what we are used to, and many are very worried about what the future might bring, how long this is going to…

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  • A walk in sunny – but cold Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 25th January 2020

    REKLAME Every weekend we try to get out and see as much as this awesome city has to offer. You see, I think it is SOO important to inspire, educate and open the minds of young adults. You grow as you see is my mantra…

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  • The best things to see and do in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 23rd January 2020

    Remember this article I wrote for TimeOut London last year The 13 best things to see and do in Copenhagen? Well, the list has been updated, so here is another sneak peek of the things we think you should be seeing if you ever visit…

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  • TWEENTOWN Christmas mini-magazine

    Anya Jensen 20th December 2019

    We always make a Tweentown mini-magazine filled to the brim with inspiration, shopping guides, editorials and much more. It is short. It is sweet and it is right here. Everything you need for your Tweens and teens for Christmas. What could be easier – just…

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    Anya Jensen 16th December 2019

    Finally, the World is waking up to the reality of climate change, and we are also realizing that the change starts with us – more importantly, our children. The Tweentown girls had a long chat about what they thought we could do to minimize waste at Christmas:  1.…

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  • Periods – PERIOD!!

    Anya Jensen 23rd May 2019

    Your Mother probably had the chat with you many years ago, and now it is time you have the chat with your tween/teen daughter. At some point, you have to talk to your pre-teen. The young women get their first menstruation earlier and earlier than…

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