• A bit about age and what comes next

    Anya Jensen 19th September 2023

    So I recently hit a milestone! Another digit in my age, and it kinda threw me into a random mix of feelings. On one hand, I realised that I had more time behind me, than in front of me, but on the other hand, it made me realize how LUCKY I was to still be here, healthy, breathing and able. You see, my Grandmother once told me, that age was…

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  • Copenhagen and a bit a about the weather

    Anya Jensen 28th May 2023

    Many years ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, who live abroad, about the weather. I said, that in Copenhagen, (or at least I do this) people generally obsess about the temperature in the summer. – what I mean is – that…

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  • Weekend shenanigans

    Anya Jensen 14th May 2023

    Well, finally Spring arrived here in Copenhagen – and what a weekend!! We celebrated not 1 but 2 Birthdays which was lovely. Paul & Audrey – so congratulations to the both of them. I truly enjoyed being outdoors, rummaging in the garden and creating things…

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  • Back in the mix

    Anya Jensen 22nd April 2023

    Well well well, it’s really been a while. Not sure if people even blog anymore, but I’m going to make a go of it again. I haven’t blogged since 2021, so Hello there – thanks for stopping by. Everyone’s grown up in this household –…

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  • Knuthenborg Safari Park

    Anya Jensen 25th July 2021

    KNUTHENBORG IS REALLY A SAFARI PARK LOCATED IN THE SOUTH OF ZEALAND.  When we say Safari Park-we mean SAFARI PARK. Knuthenborg is where you get to see animals in an environment almost close to the real thing without any cages. (only the tigers and the…

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  • Camp adventure and SKOVTÅRNET

    Anya Jensen 16th July 2021

    Last year I created a go-to guide for parents with teens and tweens visiting Denmark – mainly the Capital of Copenhagen and the island of Zealand. There are SOO many absolutely amazing places to visit, and we wanted to share the ones that made our…

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  • When a staycation is a good idea!

    Anya Jensen 2nd June 2021

    Reklame/made in collaboration with Hotels.com, but all views are my own. Holiday plans have been postponed for another year. People are still worried about travelling. Many haven’t received their vaccinations yet, and have had to come up with new plans for holidaying this year. To be…

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  • The KunstLab in Louisiana (for kids)

    Anya Jensen 4th May 2021

    reklame/inviteret The girls were lucky to attend the KunstLab art school at Louisiana Museum for modern art during the last winter season. It was a bit different due to Covid19, but the programme was meticulously planned around the exhibitions at the museum, as well as…

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  • GÆKKEBREVE – a Danish Easter tradition.

    Anya Jensen 30th March 2021

    When Easter is approaching, Danish children make and send out Gækkebreve.  Traditionally these small letters always included a Vintergæk (Snowdrop/Galanthus) which is where the name stems from. It’s meant to be a letter to ‘tease’  (at drive gæk med) someone by making them guess who sent it.…

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  • A monday stories – featuring Tweentown

    Anya Jensen 24th March 2021

    I have been working with AK from the Danish kids designer brand ‘A Monday in Copenhagen‘ for the past few years in connection with my magazine Tweentown. I was therefore thrilled when AK asked me to feature in their ‘A monday stories’ – small stories and…

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