• The hOle in the wall editorial

    Anya Jensen 21st December 2018

    For many years I have been driving past a hole in an old brick wall on the Northcoast of Denmark. Being a curious soul like I am, I always wondered what I’d find behind the hole and how many stories one could tell about the hole in the wall. I always dreamt about shooting an editorial there, and that is exactly what we did on a windy Autumn day. We…

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  • So is HALLOWEEN a thing now in Denmark?

    Anya Jensen 26th October 2018

    Have we celebrated Halloween here always? The short answer is NO. A mere 10 years ago, most Danes hadn’t even tasted a pumpkin, let alone handled one, but then Halloween happened upon us, and now (at least in Copenhagen and the surrounding boroughs) it is a…

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  • Pumpkin carving for Halloween

    Anya Jensen 20th October 2017

    When Denmark adopted the Halloween tradition, we also adopted the Halloween pumpkin carving. It has been a fun thing to do for the last few years, and we end up with some pretty cool and scary looking pumpkins. This year we also made a grown-up…

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  • Tim Walker for Zara

    Anya Jensen 12th August 2017

    Do you know when you have someone who you have admired for years, and they just keep coming up with innovative, and amazing work. Well – the one I am talking about admiring here is Tim Walker. I don’t know anyone whose universe – because…

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  • Kiwi Popsicles

    Anya Jensen 3rd July 2017

    One thing we love in this house is Kiwi fruit and ice lollies. So what would be better than a combination of these two? We decided to give it a go, and I can tell you the results speak volumes. These are probably the best Kiwi…

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  • Danish words and what they (might) mean

    Anya Jensen 19th April 2017

    The Danish language is a funny one. You see, many of the phrases we use don’t exactly mean what you might think. These are idioms or old proverbs, many of them are still used today’s world. I wanted to share some of the most common expressions…

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  • The great outdoors

    Anya Jensen 13th March 2017

    So spring is not quite here yet. Guess someone forgot to send the memo, and winter is still very much present, with blistering cold winds, grey skies and the occasional drizzle of snow. But I am still hopeful that the beloved sun will arrive soon,…

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  • Our top 5 Iceskating rinks in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 18th February 2017

    WE love to skate. It is a simple, cheap,  and fun way to be together the whole family. When I was small, some winters the lakes iced over and it was possible to ice skate directly on them if they had been declared safe by…

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  • FASTELAVN – a Danish Tradition

    Anya Jensen 7th February 2017

    In the early Spring, we celebrate Fastelavn on the Sunday or Monday before Ash Wednesday and Lent begins.  Fastelavn is an old Danish tradition dating back to medieval times. The children dress up as anything the fancy, and they hit a barrel ’ Slå katten af tønden’ (hit the cat out…

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  • Simply Danish everyday life

    Anya Jensen 31st October 2016

    I have always been one for sharing bits and bobs from our lives. Not too much information, but just enough. Lately, I have shared less than usually, and I feel I have lost a bit of authenticity because of it. So I might get back…

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