A monday stories – featuring Tweentown

Anya Jensen24th March 2021

I have been working with AK from the Danish kids designer brand ‘A Monday in Copenhagen‘ for the past few years in connection with my magazine Tweentown. I was therefore thrilled when AK asked me to feature in their ‘A monday stories’ – small stories and anecdotes from people in the children’s fashion industry. This is my story:

A MONDAY stories – featuring Anya from TWEENTOWN!

Anya Nøddebo Jensen is a freelance photographer and stylist who lives in Copenhagen with her family. 

In the Autumn of 2017, Anya decided to create a magazine for tweens and teens called Tweentown, to bring some focus on an age group that grows up very fast these days. All of the stylings, the photography, and the articles are created by Anya herself. “My thing is pairing the clothes to the location and I love planning the whole thing, and I especially love seeing what I have on the camera when I come back home. I have used my daughters, their friends, and my friend’s children as models, and it is great to see how the confidence in the children grow throughout a photoshoot” – Anya says.

We wanted to show the children’s fashion brands that older children could rock clothes that are usually aimed at the 6-8 age group. That’s why we created all these awesome editorials with tweens and now also young teens. 

We also wanted to focus on some of the problems younger adults have – SoMe safety, bullying, puberty, skincare, and so on. 

This summer we also created a must-see guide for parents with teens and tweens visiting Copenhagen and the surrounding areas. As a mum to a teen and a tween I know that they can be notoriously difficult to entertain unless a phone or an Ipad is involved, that’s why we created this guide, for anyone visiting Copenhagen.

You can find the Copenhagen guide for teens and tweens here.
All of the Tweentown magazines are free for everyone, and you can find them on Issuu.

Just press the link here: 

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