Tivoli garden

Copenhagen guide for teens and tweens – TIVOLI GARDENS

Anya Jensen20th June 2020

We are explorers. This is something I have always valued. Seeing exciting new places, seeing how the girls react, what they think, and how they form an opinion. Brains are a great thing, and as far as I am concerned – they more stuff I can put into these girls, the more their horizon will broaden, and they too will need to see, to learn to taste and to feel.

Tivoli garden

Today we revisited an old favorite of ours: TIVOLI GARDENS.

Tivoli garden is probably the oldest amusement park in the world, but the prettiest for sure. We LOVE going there. We are there often, and not just for trying the rides. No, this old garden is soo much more.

It is obviously fairground rides, the wild, the wet, the tall, the scary, and the ones for smaller kids. My kids go all the way, on all the rides, as many as they can possibly do. They are not scared. Me – not so much. I am not sure what happened, as I was the same, but now, I am happier to stand and wait.

Tivoli has much more than fairground rides though! There are many gastronomic pleasures in the form of many high-end restaurants.

Some of our favorites are:

NIMB brasserie, that terrasse is divine, and the upstairs chair in front of the fireplace on a wintry day

CAKENHAGEN – for the cakes. Ohhh those cakes.

GEMYSE – that greenhouse and vegetarian cuisine are just lovely.

as well as Tivoli food halls that cater to ‘food on the go’ – which can be enjoyed outside.

Our favourite places from the food halls are Lobster shack,  Sticks ‘n Sushi,  WokWok.

During the summer months here are the many outdoor concerts called Fredagsrock (at the moment postponed due to Corona), many classical concerts, theatre and ballet in the Pantomine theatre,  open-air film festivals, and much more. You can find the summer programs hereTivoli has made an app which makes it possible to virtually join the queue for the rides you want to try, and the APP will then tell you when to go to the ride and join the queue – it gives you much more time to enjoy the gardens instead of waiting for ages and ages. A brilliant idea we think.

Find the information about the app here.You can find all the information about Tivoli you need here.

The seasons are SUMMER from 8th June – 4th October / AUTUMN / HALLOWEEN 8th October – 4th November / CHRISTMAS 13th November – 3rd JanuaryREKLAME: Audrey and Holly wear: Audrey: Swimsuit:  Stripe fever, Jelly Alligator, Shorts: Jelly Alligator, Stockings: Sneaky Fox, Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 Holly wears: Swimsuit: Jelly Alligator, Scrunchies: Far Til Fire Piger shop, Skirt: H&M divided, Socks: Adidas, Shoes: Converse


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