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  • KICK the winter blues

    Anya Jensen 29th January 2018

    So after December and a month of fun, fairy lights and festivities the early months of the year are often wet, cold, dull and can feel very long. Back to school, work and getting over the fun is a hard task so I have gathered…

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  • Issuu publisher of the month SIMPLY DANISH LIVING

    Anya Jensen 8th January 2018

    SO here it is – my Q&A with Issuu as I have been picked to be their publisher of the month. Read the article on the Issuu blog right here. We’re proud to share that our Publisher of the Month for January is Simply Hygge,…

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  • The best Ice skating rinks in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 30th December 2017

    WE love to skate. It is a simple, cheap,  and fun way to be together the whole family. When I was small, some winters the lakes iced over and it was possible to ice skate directly on them if they had been declared safe by…

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  • Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables.

    Anya Jensen 20th December 2017

    Every year for the last 6 years at least we have visited the stunning Royal Copenhagen Christmas tables. It is a spectacle I have gotten used to, and we always enjoy our trips to the stunning Royal Copenhagen Flagship store. YOU SEE, EVERY YEAR SINCE…

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  • TWEENTOWN a magazine for tweens and their adults

    Anya Jensen 18th December 2017

    As a mother of 2 rapidly growing girls, I have come to realize that there is not much focus on the children when they reach the in-between stage  – the tweens – you known when they are too old to be considered a small child,…

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    Anya Jensen 13th December 2017

    On the 13th of December, we celebrate Saint Lucia day with a Saint Lucia light parade. According to the legend, Saint Lucia brought “food and aid to Christians hiding in the catacombs using a candle-lit wreath to light her way and leave her hands free…

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  • APPLE GLØGG recipe

    Anya Jensen 4th December 2017

    I am delighted to share another favourite Gløgg recipe, one that is suitable for people who do not drink alcohol, and also for children. A delicious hot drink enjoyed when it is cold outside, leaves you with a satisfactory feeling of hygge and it is…

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  • RED WINE GLØGG recipe

    Anya Jensen 2nd December 2017

    Gløgg is a spicy mulled wine with origins from the German Glühwein. It is a very popular drink in the colder months, and in Denmark, it is one of our favourite things to enjoy during the festive month of December, and for most gatherings, people…

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    Anya Jensen 1st December 2017

    Small gifts and tokens of appreciation are some of the most wonderful things to make and give to someone you care about. Some of my most treasured things are homemade, and often something my daughters have spent time and effort making for me. The last…

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  • Utterly delicious HAVREGRYNSKUGLER

    Anya Jensen 29th November 2017

    When I was little, one of the first edible things I managed to make entirely on my own was what we call ‘Havregryns Kugler’, which is a small round oat and chocolate ball, covered in coconut shavings – let me tell you – it is…

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