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Anya Jensen10th May 2017

I remember when I was small and we had big parties. My mother had these ultra cool champagne bowls rather than actual champagne glasses, and I loved the idea of them. The were like little mini bowls, rather that the usual champagne flutes, and I was allowed to drink soda out of them if I was very careful.

This year Ferm Living designed some that look exactly the same as the ones my Mother had – but just a little more stylish and current.

They are called Ripple Champagne Saucers, and they come in a set of 2. 

Ripple champagne saucers FERM

So get them before they are gone. They are soo cool, and I can almost imagine a big champagne tower, with the champagne pouring down to the next glass.

Buy yours here.

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  • mel

    15th May 2017 at 12:47

    Ohhh I love these! Ferm Living always hit the spot. We have some vintage saucer champagne glasses that we bought a couple of years ago. They just feel so much more festive don’t they? M x

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