When something becomes an Insta sensation

Anya Jensen13th February 2019
I work with Social Media marketing – with my own brand and at work. I create inspiring visual content, something that grab your attention and makes you want to know more…

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool, and influencer marketing has grown explosively in the last few years. Companies can’t ignore Social Media channels for their brand, and many people now do this for a living.

Usually growing your brand is a slow process, and getting your brand noticed – hard work. It takes a lot of effort, and you have to create content that is pleasing to the eye, true to your brand identity, fit into your grid (Insta) and then there is the commenting, following and interacting, not only with your followers-  but also with people/brands with similar interests as your own.

It is great fun. You’ll get to meet so many like-minded, talented people from all over the world, and some you may even consider friends, even though you’ve never met.

But sometimes you might hit the nail on the head, and find something that becomes an instant hit, a trend or something that goes viral. That will give you thousands of likes, comments, and followers – literally overnight. When that happens, that is great fun and makes you realize the power of the social media machine.

I work at the coolest flower shop in Copenhagen, – Stalks & roots,

and we went viral in Copenhagen this week, because of a beautiful bunch of Rainbow coloured Baby breath flowers, posted on Instagram. A big influencer made an installation with these, another wrote about them in a famous magazine, and a big beauty brand used these flowers for a launch party, then a quite a few bloggers got involved, and all of a sudden there was a waitlist as long as the eye could see.

So all you have to do to be an instant Insta sensation is to find something that EVERYONE wants. If that doesn’t work – keep your eyes peeled as I will have my best INSTAGRAM tips for you next time.


Images courtesy of  STALKS & ROOTS

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