Weekend shenanigans

Anya Jensen14th May 2023
Well, finally Spring arrived here in Copenhagen – and what a weekend!!

We celebrated not 1 but 2 Birthdays which was lovely. Paul & Audrey – so congratulations to the both of them.

I truly enjoyed being outdoors, rummaging in the garden and creating things that grow. We live in the city but are lucky to have an apartment with a small garden attached. We are also next to the park, so when  I joke about the fact that I live in the forest, I kinda do. It’s leafy, it’s green, and there is nothing better than just sitting outside, with the breeze from the trees, and the tranquillity. That is genuinely hygge!

So I have been wanting to do something for the insects, so we bought loads of small flower seeds, all types – and planted them all in tiny pots. Nothing happened. For ages. Copenhagen was freezing cold all of April, and the beginning of May was no better. But now, slowly but surely, tiny sprouts are popping up everywhere. I’m so excited.

The next step is to replant the seedlings when they are a bit bigger – into some larger pots, and then watch the flowers grow. Literally. I’ve also planted thousand of seeds opposite us, underneath the big trees, – not sure if anything will happen there, but I’ll keep you in the loop.


H A P P Y  M O T H E R S   D A Y to all the mothers out there!

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  • Xeph

    24th May 2023 at 11:24

    Hi Anya! I am moving to Copenhagen soon, and honestly, I’m a bit worried about the weather. I am from a country with so much sunlight throughout the year, and lack of it in Denmark is what worries me the most. So seeing a post like this is a kind of relief. As I want to learn more about Danish ways of life, I hope to see more from you. Talk soon. – Xeph of Distressed Nacho

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