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Anya Jensen10th August 2016

When I was small, I remember my mother making a type of weaved wall hanging, in brown, beige and burnt orange colours. I am sure it was some type of landscape, and whether I liked it or not, I can’t remember, but it still sticks in my mind.

“Everything comes back into fashion” my Father used to say “just keep hold of your old stuff and soon, you’ll see – it will be fashionable again”. We shook our heads my sister and I, but my Dad was right – everything comes back. Maybe slightly changed, but the same nonetheless.

So today I am sharing some Wall hangings I really like. These are weaved and in such stunning autumnal colours, it almost makes me wish for Autumn to come already. But then again, it appears we skipped summer here in Denmark – with the average temperature hitting a scorching 15 degrees this summer – so Autumn please come along with stunning colours, warm textiles and Indian summer weather.

L_Broste_AW16_0012 L_Broste_AW16_0244

These wall hangings are from Broste – and I adore them. They are from their upcoming AW16 collection – stunning. Have a look here for more.

PS: Did you see I am nominated for an Amara Blog Award in the category of Best European Interior Blog. I am very proud, and would love for you to vote for me. It is easily done right here 🙂


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  • Get cozy with the Housedoctor AW 16 collection – Simply Danish Living

    7th September 2016 at 08:55

    […] item I adore in particular, is the small rug, used as a wall hanging here. Remember my story about the weaved wall hangings my Mum used to make. Wall hangings are a cute, quick and stylish […]

  • Marina

    11th August 2016 at 14:18

    Dearest Anya! Hello and hope you are doing well!
    I couldn’t resist to comment on this blog post – these wall hangings are adorable!! they are truly nice! I have been doing those in my school years, I loved the process and – believe or not – was thinking receintly to recover doing them again! Your post is just on time 🙂
    Happy for your new blog, the posts and video! – I keep reading you 🙂 And happy for your nomination – keep my fingers crossed, good luck!

  • Abi | These Four Walls blog

    11th August 2016 at 09:26

    I’ve just discovered your blog via the Interior Blog Awards, and it’s wonderful! I love this selection of wall hangings – a great way to add texture and colour.

  • Nina

    10th August 2016 at 14:15

    The story you told is so true – everything returns – one way or another 🙂 I love the weavings you have shown – stunning the colourful one.
    Have a great day,

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