Visiting Rudolph Tegners Museum

Anya Jensen27th October 2017

We love to explore in our family. As far as I am concerned, if you see something new every day, you will broaden your horizons, and learn something you didn’t know. That is a day well spent if you ask me.

My girls are as eager to explore as I am, so we often find new and exciting places to see; I just love observing their faces when they see something unexpected, perhaps something beautiful, something odd, something ugly or just something new.

I had heard many people rave about the Rudolph Tegner museum & statue park – North of Copenhagen. The girls and I went there on a sunny afternoon early October. We started in the Statue-park, and I can tell you we were in for a bit of a sight. Heather all around decorated the beautiful scenery, and suddenly you’d come across these incredibly huge and very beautiful bronze sculptures. We ran around the park for hours, and also met some of the many sheep who graze there all summer.

Afterwards, we ventured inside the tiny museum, with the huge sculptures. We were all speechless. Seriously. 

Rudolph Tegner himself was a Danish sculptor linked to the Symbolist movement. In the early 20th century his work caused considerable controversy in Denmark. His sculptures are often gigantic, violent & theatrical, and created confusion and opposition in his home country Denmark.

As you can tell – it was a day well spent, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I can only recommend you go there at your earliest convenience.


Museumsvej 19

3120 Dronningmølle

Telefon: +45 4971 9177






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