A visit to the pumpkin farm

Anya Jensen5th October 2017

Since I moved back to Denmark (some 10 years ago) the tradition of Halloween has gone from an unknown tradition, to one of the most popular holidays every year. We never used to get all dressed up, or go ‘trick or treating’ as children ourselves, but it has become increasingly popular and the children love it.

One of our favourite things to do is to carve out a lantern from a pumpkin. The girls and I love doing it, and every year the design gets better and funnier. One thing I always wanted to experience is a visit to ‘a pumpkin patch’. So I did a bit of research, and found a local farm where they too had embraced the newly adopted tradition of Halloween, and allowed people to come and pick their own pumpkins.

I always like taking the children to organic farms, not only for the organic fresh produce, but also for educational purposes, as I think it is good for kids to learn where the food they eat come from. Yes we can buy it in the supermarket, but where does it grow?

We went to the pumpkin farm, and it didn’t disappoint. There were rows and rows of big orange pumpkins, small orange pumpkins, green pumpkins, oval pumpkins – you name it, we saw them. The girls were surprised to discover that the stalks were very prickly and that the pumpkins were all covered in mud on the side that were on the ground, and some even had worms crawling on them. Luckily the pumpkin we picked was big and orange and round. We washed it when we got back, and we look forward to carving a funny or scary face on it.

That day was one of the most hyggelige days we have had this autumn. I look forward to showing you how we made our pumpkin carving for Halloween soon.

Photography and styling by Anya Jensen photography for Simply Danish Living
We went to Kildebrønde Frugtplantage to get our pumpkin.
And this is a list of other places in Denmark where you cant pick your own fruit.



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