TWEENTOWN ‘The floral Issue’ now live

Anya Jensen13th April 2019

Oops, we have done it again. It is actually a matter of having so much gone on inside my head, that I want to share with people, – you guys – and it has become the 5th TWEENTOWN magazine – the 2nd Spring edition which makes Tweentown a year old.

So proud to be able to share things that come to mind, problems that occur with mothering tweens, and of course – utterly stunning editorials – all made up inside my mind and comes to live with the help from some amazing models and lovely clothes from even lovelier brands.

So here it is – TWEENTOWN – the floral issue, which is all about Spring, new beginnings, stunning clothes and of course FLORALS.

I fancy telling you a bit about myself:

Well, I am a dreamer. And an image maker. Some might say I find beauty in the strangest places, but I believe that is where true beauty hides. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you can create beauty by simply putting things together. It is an art form – and something some people find easy – others not.

My brain works visually – and usually 100 miles per hour, which makes people think I am either slightly dense – or not really very present. It is merely because I saw something that inspired me, or you might have said something that made me think. So my brain floats away… And I am going there too.

So if you ever meet me, and think me odd because of fleeting eyes, I am not uninterested, rather the opposite – you inspired me.

I am also slightly nutty – to the point that I think one day my daughters may find me eccentric – oh well, rather that than boring. I love animals. I would adopt any animal in need I could (unless they were scary, creepy or dangerous). When I grew up I preferred animals to my peers. None of them got me – and I totally didn’t get them either.

Now I have daughters, tweens -who are growing up, and becoming young women themselves. It is a phase for them and us and let me say this, it isn’t always easy! They are growing up, hormones are racing around, they’re irritable – we get irritable – and the funny thing is -we are all in the same boat. They haven’t tried it before – and nor have we, ever parented tweens before.

So we try our best. And learn by doing. Hence why Tweentown came to exist. Many parents – and tweens – feel this way, so I am trying to advise, get advise myself, and share because I care.

So I hope you do the same. If you LOVE Tweentown – tell your mates. friends, tweens, teens parents – you name it, they might love it and need it too.

Thanks for reading along – and here is the link to TWEENTOWN – the floral issue.

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