Anya Jensen8th April 2020

This issue of Tweentown has been the most difficult edition I have ever had to make, due to the uncertain times because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have been speaking openly to the girls about what is going on right now because they are big enough to read, see things on TV and understand most of what is going on.

No-one actually knows what is going to happen. Most of us are self-isolating, at home, seeing very few people and doing a lot of stuff indoors.

We are homeschooling, – many are homeschooling more than one child – a task that has proved hard for many of us. Some are also working from home. Loads of us are also isolated from friends and loved ones, – for the safety of everyone.

This magazine had to be done only with the 3 of us, as I didn’t want to put anyone at risk, so the only models you’ll see are the Tweentown girls – hope you can bear with us.

I have also asked the girls what they think of these times, their worries and thoughts in a Q&A inside.

I truly hope you are all safe, taking care of each other, and social distancing.

We hope this magazine can inspire you a bit – take care and see you soon. XOXO with love from

Anya & the Tweentown girls – Audrey and Holly


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