TWEENTOWN a magazine for tweens and their adults

Anya Jensen18th December 2017

As a mother of 2 rapidly growing girls, I have come to realize that there is not much focus on the children when they reach the in-between stage  – the tweens – you known when they are too old to be considered a small child, and yet too young to be a teenager.

I have found it very difficult to find clothes that didn’t make them look too baby-ish – or even worse too adult, – and I have spoken to many parents with the exact same problems. My daughters are very aware of the things they like,  but it is also something we have to agree on. Most tweens will probably have an iPad or a smartphone – and they are searching for trends on youtube and looking at stars and influencers already.

So I decided to create a magazine that would be full of inspiration for tweens and their adults – or the other way around. TWEENTOWN, is a magazine for you and your tween. It is full of ideas and will be you to-go-to destination for cool ideas. The festive mini magazine is out right now and you can find it on Issuu – the link is here.

We are also in the process of launching a youtube channel – where you can find #ootd inspo, tween tips, food you can make and much more. I am soo excited to hear what you think. So hurry along – much more tween stuff over there. And if you don’t have a tween – don’t fret – some of the things we have selected are soo cool that you could buy them for yourself.

Thanks for reading and do let me know what you think.


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