Tim Walker for Zara

Anya Jensen12th August 2017

Do you know when you have someone who you have admired for years, and they just keep coming up with innovative, and amazing work. Well – the one I am talking about admiring here is Tim Walker. I don’t know anyone whose universe – because he does create a whole universe – I love more. It is fairy-tale, meets the obscure, the beautiful and the opulent.

He has recently collaborated with Zara home, and I can’t tell you how amazing it is.

No-one other than Mr. Walker can make everyday objects look decadent and opulent. The whole lookbook is called ‘La Grande Illusione‘ and there is a stunning video where you can see the work before the actual photo-shoot.

I just love it. Makes me happy looking at what he creates. And as a stylist myself, I know excactly how much work and effort is put into every single picture. WOW.



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