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Anya Jensen6th April 2017
I often go to flea markets, and look around for hidden treasures. One day last year, I came across an old poetry book lying there all alone. I took it, looked through and instantly loved the aged paper, the swirly but perfect handwriting, and the poems that people had written to the young lady it belonged to.

My grandmother visited me one day, and was also drawn to the old poetry book. I remember having a book like that when I was a youngster – and everyone wrote a few words in it, small poems or lyrics – something to the person it belonged to.  Mine has unfortunately disappeared years ago, but now I have the one belonging to a young lady from more than a century ago. Most of the poems were written back in the 1890’s and the poems were exquisite. I felt a bit melancholic to how this book could have ended up on a flea market stall, and not in the home of the family of the lady it belonged to. But I guess we can’t keep everything as people, but I am keeping this one.


When styling the front page for the current Simply Hygge Magazine – I used that poetry book, and opened it on a random page. The poem is so elaborately written and perfect for the issue – and I simply love it.

Here goes:

Dydens stille salighed gennem Livet Dem ledsage.

Venskab, Glæde, Myndighed, Krone alle Deres dage .

English version -ish (very difficult to translate – not even sure it actually makes sense.

May the silent virtue and salvation accompany you through life.

Friendship, joy, and authority, will crown all of your days.

I am so pleased with the way you have embraced all of my Simply Hygge magazine issues. The Spring edition – the latest one have had an amazing reach and I have readers literally all over the World. I am soo proud, so thank you very much.

You can read this and many more interesting articles in Simply Hygge Magazine -Spring edition.

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