The Autumn picnic

Anya Jensen18th September 2017

I first started really getting into picnicking when I lived in London. There was nothing better than popping into Marks & Spencers and stocking up on yummy crusty bread, charcuterie, fruit and the obligatory pink lemonade – or bottle of wine.

I still love a good old picnic and have become increasingly more fond of making a lovely picnic at home. Simply find a sunny spot, with the choice of shade, throw your blanket down, a few cozy cushions, french stick, yummy charcuterie – tapas style, berries, some olives and sit down and chill out with a loved one, or a good book.

Ahhhhh it doesn’t get any better than that…… HAPPY MONDAY folks – the weather today is perfect for a picnic – just remember to find a dry spot, or use a blanket with plastic underneath – a bit wet now.

Everything on the picture is borrowed for the styling from Nordal.

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  • Mossy

    18th September 2017 at 15:10

    This morning the weather was just perfect for a picnic; sunshine and a gentle breeze… this afternoon the clouds have moved in and the wind has got up and it’s just started to rain… but I still think September is a good month for picnics anyway (wasps permitting!)

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