• Starting your urban garden

    Anya Jensen 14th May 2016

    I love this time of year where everything starts to sprout, and small flowers are popping up everywhere. We live in the city, but have our own small garden, where we love planting flowers, herbs and some vegetables. Now is the time to begin, so Audrey and I went to work, putting tiny seeds into pots, and getting bulbs planted for the summer. I love the idea of giving our kids a…

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  • # Pause for harmony

    Anya Jensen 8th May 2016

    The other Thursday I attended the press event for Iittala & Issey Miyake collaboration called #Pause for harmony.  The day was grey, the weather grim but that all changed when we entered the universe they had created in the flat belonging to Emil Thorup –…

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  • Setting the table

    Anya Jensen 1st May 2016

    It seems that this year has flown by, and I find it difficult to keep up. The older you get, the faster time flies I guess. When I was small I remember counting the days from my Birthday until Christmas and the other way around.…

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