copenhagen guide

  • The best places for ice skating in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 22nd November 2023

    Brrr – the winter has definitely arrived here in Copenhagen. It is freezing cold, so now the Danes are busy planning exactly what to do in the blistering cold. The weather doesn’t stop the Copenhageners from venturing outdoors. ICESKATING is a favourite thing to do, and of course, we have ample opportunities to do exactly that. I have made an updated 2023 list of the best places to go for…

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  • Springtime in the woods

    Anya Jensen 7th May 2016

    After a slow start to Spring here in Denmark; the sunshine returned with a vengeance and we have been basking in it for the long weekend. This Thursday, we went on a picnic with our fab friends and their daughters, and we walked through a…

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