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Anya Jensen10th March 2017

I have windows all the way from the floor to the ceiling at home, and even though I adore all of the light that it lets in, I do not have a windowsill, so I cannot display cool and fabulous stuff on mine. Instead, I have been on the lookout for cool inspiration for those of you lucky enough to have one.

Styling your own windowsill is easy. You just need to go looking for plants that are fond of light, cute ceramic bowls, vases – you only need one simple flower for a stunning effect, or what about some pretty hourglasses.

I am also fond small metal boxes, books or even feathers. The choice is yours, and the good thing is – spring is back, and that means outdoor flea markets soon, and they will be filled with treasures for you to find and take home.

Vindueskarm, windowsill, sillfie, anya jensen photography, hygge

Anya Jensen photography @ Skagerak showroom

Vindueskarm, windowsill, sillfie, hygge, danish living,

Vindueskarm, windowsill, sillfie, hygge, danish living,

Vindueskarm, windowsill, sillfie, hygge, danish living,

Spring has almost disappeared here, and I must admit I miss it. The sun hasn’t shone for a week now, but I am staying positive – it will be here soon I promise (I hope).

Happy Friday everyone X

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  • Mel

    13th March 2017 at 10:55

    I understand! I had the best deep windowsills in my Sydney apartment but done in Auckland. Now I’m so happy to say that I have them back now I’m in Stockholm. Big and lots if them. Yay! Nothing better than huge windows to let in the light though. This is so important in the Scandinavian winters. Mel xx

  • Igor

    10th March 2017 at 09:16

    Beautiful Anya! My winner is obvious, isn’t it?? The planty windowsill of course:-) Happy weekend!!

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