Stina Goya for Kähler

Anya Jensen13th August 2016

A designer, I have been a fan of for a long time is  Danish Stine Goya. Stine is famous for her eclectic patterns and cool contemporary style. Kähler is renowned for their stunning ceramics – many classics – remember the Omaggio vase, but the past few years they have steered clear of the safe and with this collaboration – they have moved into where fashion meets ceramics and I love it.

Fiora_pot_ Fiora_vase_bordeaux1

The collection is called Fiora and take great inspiration from the 60’s. I am certain this collection will not be to everyone’s taste, but with most things in life – mixing it up a bit is key, and I believe some of these stunning pieces will be right at home in many homes. What doi you think? You cup of tea, or too ‘out there’ for you?


If you fancy learning more you can look and even buy yours here.

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