Anya Jensen16th September 2017
As you might have gathered by now, I am a bit of an explorer. Some might say I have ants in my pants, and to be honest, it is probably true, and I am kinda proud of it.

You see, I try to teach the girls that if you see, or try something new every day, it is a day well spent, so that is the rule we live by. And yes they do walk as much as we do even though they are smaller, and yes, sometimes ice-cream is used as a bribe, but I do believe they love to explore, and often ask me where we are going next.

This time we went to STEVNS KLINT – the stunning Limestone cliffs, and beautiful nature less than an hours drive from Copenhagen.

The area is on the Unesco world heritage list because the explanation for the extinction of the dinosaurs lies hidden in the cliff. That’s something else right.

We went there and fell in love. I haven’t been fond of heights since visiting Mexico’s great Mayan pyramids many years ago, but I faced my (serious) fears here and ventured down the steepest staircase I have ever seen.

Once we got to the bottom, it continued to be a great big balancing act, making sure everyone were safe – especially my youngest, who ran of like she was on solid ground.

The place also has a stunning old church and a lighthouse, as well as a chalk quarry a few miles away.

I can totally recommend coming here for a lovely day out, just remember to wear non-slip shoes, and grab a hold of your kids.


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