Sorry for the radio silence

Anya Jensen22nd October 2018

So I have been absent – for one reason or another but the bottom line is I haven’t been around much. Well, I am now. I have had my fingers in so many pies (pardon me) that my head has been frantically spinning.

I have created TWEENTOWN, my newest adventure for tweens and their adults, and the reception of the magazine has been fantastic. So I am keeping it up, whilst doing the things I like to do, and something was missing. ME. The person who started all of this.

People used to come to my blog for a bit of my mind, the life of our family, the food I cooked, the places we used to go! And we still do go there, eat the yummy food, cook it, and explore, but I forgot to share it with you and I paid the price.

So I’m back – believe it or not. And yes, no doubt many of you have moved on due to the lack of content here, but you’ll come back because I’m back. Glad you’re still here, thanks and see you around, it is going to get exciting around here now.

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