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Anya Jensen4th July 2017

When you choose to live in close vicinity to the city, you sometimes have to compromise on the size of your apartment. I have just found a very cool, and functional small spaced apartment under the roof, and I just had to share the smart solutions with you.

The sofa is actually 2 sofa modules, next to each other – which also turns into a ‘sofa bed’.

On the back of the sofa, they have placed a small desk and creating a small office space.

At the end of the bed, they have collected lots of storage using the classic Ikea shelving solution there, and filled it with books, and stuff and using the top to display green plants and decorative objects.

They have even made a small ‘wardrobe’  with a curtain pole, allowing you to hang your shirts – without making the space looking cluttered.

I JUST LOVE IT. Best thing about it is that there is another feature about this particular apartment, so watch this space for the next one….

images – via Ikea Livet Hemma





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