Shared space

Anya Jensen1st May 2016

If you want to live in the city, you sometimes have to comprise as some of the older apartment are not as spacious as you might like. Therefore, you have to think up smart solutions, and ingenious ways of making the space seem larger, by adding clever storage solutions. That task can be difficult, but I really love what they have done in this flat. 

The have managed to have a separate bedroom, and a small room for their daughter by adding a ‘fake’ wall made of MDF and old recycled windows. The windows allow the light to continue to flow through, and both rooms are light and inviting.

 Using upcycled windows to make a fake wall allows the light to flow through

Making small built in shelves, always gives you somewhere to put your accessories and stuff

 On the other side, the storage unit works as bookshelves for the little girl

 The clever use of paint, makes this room look far larger than 3 square meters

I would love to start a project like this in my daughters bedroom. The so long for their own space as we discussed here, and this solution could be the answer.

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