Anya Jensen13th December 2017

On the 13th of December, we celebrate Saint Lucia day with a Saint Lucia light parade. According to the legend, Saint Lucia brought “food and aid to Christians hiding in the catacombs using a candle-lit wreath to light her way and leave her hands free to carry as much food as possible. She devoted her life to God rather than the Emperor, and for that, he had her burnt on a stake.

We celebrate her life and sacrifice, with a Saint Lucia light parade where the children walk whilst singing the Santa Lucia song, wearing white gowns, crowns on their heads and carrying a light. The first girl wears a crown on her head just like the one Saint Lucia wore.

It is a beautiful parade and an event I look forward to every year. When I was small we carried real candles, and the head girl had a crown of real candles. That is still practiced, but usually with older children. The small children carry electric ones.

I love seeing my girls participating, and like most mothers, I do end up a bit teary-eyed, as I think it is a very touching ceremony, and an event the children take very seriously. Afterwards, it is very common to have a small gathering where we usually drink gløgg and eat æbleskiver.

This picture is from when my daughter was 6 years old. She was so proud and trust me – so was I. I almost always end up with a heart bursting with pride. The girls are much bigger now, but every time the perform, or do something my heart

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