REFSHALEØEN – a Copenhagen destination!

Anya Jensen4th October 2023

Copenhagen’s once-industrial district, Refshaleøen, – also known as REFFEN–  has transformed into one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods, known for its creativity, alternative urban development, festivals, and diverse culinary options. Accessible by bike, bus, or even harbor bus, this island has become an integral part of the city while maintaining its unique identity.

We frequent Resfhaleøen often. It is a fun place to walk around, take in the old industrial vibe, admire the newly developed areas, and enjoy the food from many of the food stalls. There is something for every palate, or even if you’re in the market for something to drink. If you like skateboarding, there is a cool place for that, or you could even find a sauna somewhere if you look.


It is also host to a whole load of other places to visit. We are very fond of the art space called Copenhagen Contemporary, where you step into a global contemporary art hub, showcasing installations from both rising artists and big-name sensations.

Make sure you go and find the bakery called LILLE BAKERY, which is so much, more than just a bakery. You see,  Lille distinguishes itself by partnering with like-minded individuals who share their vision. Their philosophy revolves around cherishing the splendor of the present, creating delectable dishes, baked goods, and preserves that will captivate your palate.

There is also an amazing vegetable market called GRØNT marked – every 1. st Sunday of the month. “A farmer’s market is by definition a communal act, and it brings together many different people over a common love for real food”.

Which reminds me to also mention Byens Plantetorv  – set in an old industrial hall, with everything your heart desires when it comes to creating your own urban garden.

And don’t forget to take a dip in the harbour (yes – in Copenhagen – the water is clean enough for you to take a dip (in designated areas – find a list here). Our favourite place for that is La Banchina – a gorgeous restaurant/wine bar on the water. Their motto is DIP-EAT-REPEAT and we couldn’t agree more.

So off you go and have some fun at Refshaleøen!



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