Anya Jensen4th April 2017
I featured the lovely Tina from Paradisco Productions in the latest Simply Hygge magazine – see what Tina had to say about good old Danish RÅ-hygge:


Hygge is a concept every Danish person has grown up with, it’s part of our childhood and we pass it on to our kids. It is very important to me, it’s what we do and how we know to relax together – making a setting that’s comforting and homely for ourselves.

I grew up in a very picturesque and homely place in Århus, the second biggest city in Denmark. My parents, my sister and I took over my grandparent’s 200-year-old manor house, with a beautiful fireplace and 3 dogs, so the setting was perfect for complete and utter hygge.

My Mum was always been very good at creating hygge around us with tea, biscuits, and Ribena in the evening. We loved it and it became a vital part of my childhood.



I moved to London to study fashion in my twenties, and I was very surprised to see how people decorated their homes in the UK at that time. For me, light sources are vital for comfy settings, and that didn’t seem to be of importance to a lot of people. Most homes had fluorescent lamps in both kitchens and living rooms, – which to me is the ultimate hygge-killer!

After living abroad in both the UK and Spain, I was very excited when I had to decorate my own flat in Copenhagen, making it equally hyggelig – and with a raw and edgy feel. I wanted it to be Scandinavian with an international touch, combining all the beautiful elements from my travels.

Working with both fashion and interior décor, I surround myself with lots of textures, surfaces, and light. To me, light is essential for creating a hyggelig home and work-place. I am so lucky that my studio captures all of my favourite elements of beautiful light, raw materials, glass and comforting textures.

Whenever I want to hygge, relax and paint, I cannot do it unless I have cleaned up first. My colleagues and husband laugh at me sometimes, but in order for me to be fully relaxed and ready for hygge, I have to put things in their right place and clean down the space.

Then I’m ready. Grey and black candles, hot coffee from my favourite metal-looking coffee mug, 70’s inspired tunes on Spotify and we are rolling. I love to hygge around my colleagues, lighting a candle on their table and bringing them chocolates. When I draw, I also get in the hygge-zone as it relaxes me.

At home in the evening, putting on my sheepskin slippers, pyjamas, a big jumper and with lots of blankets; – my husband and I can fully hygge when it’s 9 o’clock movie time.  .  .  .  .


You can read this and many more interesting articles in Simply Hygge Magazine -Spring edition.

If you are a brand who fancy collaborating I am happy to hear from you – anya@simplydanishliving.com.

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