Periods – PERIOD!!

Anya Jensen23rd May 2019

Your Mother probably had the chat with you many years ago, and now it is time you have the chat with your tween/teen daughter.

At some point, you have to talk to your pre-teen. The young women get their first menstruation earlier and earlier than we might have done, and pre-puberty talks are happening in schools as early as in the 4th grade today. Girls reach puberty a lot quicker these days, and it is common to get your period any time between aged 10-15.

It could also be, that you, yourself are a tween’ager and could need some good advice about your first period.

We have collected a few things we wished we had known when we were young. Hope you share these with your girls too.

Be positive when you start talking about periods. Tell your girl, that menstruation is part of the body’s natural development, which means that a woman can get pregnant and have children. If you are a teenager, keep in mind that this is a natural step towards becoming an adult woman (so remember protection)…


Like, what is that white stuff in my underpants? Well, it is called vaginal discharge which is the body’s way of keeping the vagina clean. So no probs. Use a pantyliner.

Be prepared: So always carry pads/tampons in your bag in case. In the beginning, you never know exactly when your period starts.

Also sometimes, the blood is bright red, or brownish in colour, or maybe even lumpy. That’s perfectly normal, (even though lumps are gross)

Or what about this one: – you might need to use night- pads/and big underpants during the night – or even sleep on a towel until you find out the amount you might bleed. (so you don’t bleed through). That is never great.

And, you might feel sick, emotional, sad or even angry when you have your periods. Sometimes, stomach cramps might occur. This is what is called PMS – premenstrual syndrome, which often causes irritability, mood swings and bloating. We have found that Ice-cream, hot water bottle, pillows and relaxing on the couch often helps.

Menstruation takes place about once a month. A cycle can last from 21-34 days (the days between bleeding). The first day of the cycle is the day you start to bleed. The bleeding can last between 2-8 days.

The amount of blood varies from woman to woman, but you usually bleed most of the first 1-3 days of your period. The last few days you often bleed less. But some girls bleed a lot all the time. Others bleed a little. People are different.



There are day/night pads, menstrual cups, tampons, and panty liners. Mini tampons are the best tampons to start with. Then you can do all the things you love, even though you have your period. Or what about trying a menstrual cup – environmentally friendly and largely hassle-free.

You can shop, do sports, go to the beach, swim and go on holiday. So, regardless of when you have your period, you can do exactly what you want to do. It shouldn’t STOP you at all.

BUT – What is a menstrual cup and what can I use it for?
A menstrual cup is a small cone-shaped cup that is used instead of a tampon or a pad. It collects the blood and is therefore reusable again and again. It is an environmentally friendly alternative as it can be recycled, making it cheaper for you.

Pads are also good and come in many shapes and sizes. They are great and often used at night. How to use these are pretty easy. Just stick them to your underpants. (although some might think it is a bit of a mess…)

Tampons are great to use, but you might need to be a bit more used to your period when you start using these. Start with the smallest size mini tampons, and see what fits your body/flow. Clean your hands before and after, and change every 4-8 hours. VERY important to change.


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