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  • So is HALLOWEEN a thing now in Denmark?

    Anya Jensen 26th October 2018

    Have we celebrated Halloween here always? The short answer is NO. A mere 10 years ago, most Danes hadn’t even tasted a pumpkin, let alone handled one, but then Halloween happened upon us, and now (at least in Copenhagen and the surrounding boroughs) it is a…

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  • Sorry for the radio silence

    Anya Jensen 22nd October 2018

    So I have been absent – for one reason or another but the bottom line is I haven’t been around much. Well, I am now. I have had my fingers in so many pies (pardon me) that my head has been frantically spinning. I have…

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  • The 13 best places to visit in Copenhagen

    Anya Jensen 10th September 2018

    As you all know, I lived in London for more than 11 years, and I loved it. When I was younger I needed to live in a fast-paced place, with (cheap) and easy access to the rest of the World and London was ideal. I…

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    Anya Jensen 5th September 2018

    I am so proud to finally present my latest edition of Tweentown magazine – the perfect place to seek inspiration for tweens and their adults. We have mindblowingly cool editorials, shopping guides, skincare solutions, articles and much more. All you have to do is click…

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    Anya Jensen 3rd August 2018

    If there is one thing we enjoy eating in our family it is ice-cream. We are actual connoisseurs and probably consume far more ice-cream than we should. So we have taken it upon ourselves to share our F A V O R I T E…

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  • Are your kids safe on the internet? Read our Social Media safety tips here.

    Anya Jensen 12th June 2018

    Are your kids safe on the internet? Read our Social Media safety tips here. Your kid is bound to know something about Social media by now, – some may even have a smartphone or a social media profile like Snapchat, Twitter, Musically or Instagram. The…

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  • TWEENTOWN magazine and blog now LIVE

    Anya Jensen 30th April 2018

    Some of you know I have been dabbling with creating an online Universe focusing on TWEENS and their adults. Being a tween is a challenging age and children today grow up a lot faster than we used to. They have information and inspiration readily available and…

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  • Easter Flatlay tutorial

    Anya Jensen 23rd March 2018

    When Easter approaches, I always try and make some cute Easter pictures to use for Social media or even as cute little postcards. When I am out and about I always keep my eyes open for sweet things I can use – now or for…

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  • GÆKKEBREVE – a Danish Easter tradition

    Anya Jensen 21st March 2018

    When Easter is approaching, Danish children make and send out Gækkebreve.  Traditionally these small letters always included a Vintergæk (Snowdrop/Galanthus) which is where the name stems from. It’s meant to be a letter to ‘tease’  (at drive gæk med) someone by making them guess who sent it.…

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  • Marbled Easter egg tutorial

    Anya Jensen 11th March 2018

    I have been looking for new ideas to make our own Easter eggs for decoration – something we do every year. The girls are getting bigger, and we were looking for a more ‘grown-up’ version to try. It seems that marbled eggs have been a…

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