On winter blues

Anya Jensen24th February 2017

On winter blues; not that I have the blues, but I do have a strong longing for sunshine and spring – so I will delight myself and you with some picture from a frosty walk, we had the other weekend around Charlottenlund fort – an ancient fort from 1836 built to protect Copenhagen if there was an attack from the water. The fort is still majestic and a favorite place for a picturesque walk. Sometimes when it is freezing cold outside – we take the girls on a ‘

Sometimes when it is freezing cold outside – we take the girls on a ‘Photo safari’ – meaning we all bring cameras and all photograph things we find interesting.

When we return home, it is quite funny seeing the images everyone took, and compare. I also often go through the images, as the girls like to hear why this picture might be better than the other, and why some (easier) photography rules might apply. The girls both love taking pictures and appearing in them too, and I love showing them the ins and outs of photography.

Simply Danish Living - photo safari

Photoshopped clouds – apart from the fact that they are not….

Simply Danish Living

Amazing light and glare – this place is great for a walk.

Simply Danish Living - photo safari1

Gotta teach them skills young..

Simply Danish Living - photo safari2

This one is photographing the photographer!!

Happy FRIDAY people – enjoy the weekend. Copenhagen had a huge amount of snow last night, so we woke up to the beauty of a frozen winter wonderland – which probably means lots of sleighing, and playing in the snow this weekend – unless the sun melts it all today.

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  • KizzyDoll

    27th February 2017 at 11:20

    I have the winter blues as well, am so over this season. But, alas the sun is coming out more and it seems a bit lighter, so here’s hoping it gets better. Have a lovely week x

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