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Anya Jensen7th January 2019

Last year, Junior Style London – a very cool website for our youth decided to create an online magazine with focus on our young adults – tweens and teens alike.

The magazine is called Tangereene, and I was lucky enough to contribute with a few interesting articles.

The first one is a little bit about what it is like being a tween in Copenhagen, and I naturally asked the girls. See what they had to say here:

Being a tween in Copenhagen.

So, is growing up in Copenhagen –  the country that invented HYGGE – all about being cozy inside with cups of tea and cinnamon rolls? Perhaps dressing up warm and running around outside in the blistering cold wearing scarves and hats? Or even making homebaked bonfire bread on a stick outside – or what is it really like?

We decided to ask a few tween’agers from Copenhagen what they do for fun, what is their school life like, what do they eat, any chores at home, do they play sports and what are their interests and much more. Have a look here:


So tell us a little bit about you?

A: Well, my name is Audrey, I am 12 years old, and I live in the Northern part of Copenhagen. My Dad is from England – Kent, and my Mum is Danish from Copenhagen. We have always lived here, but visit our relatives in the UK at least twice a year. We speak both English and Danish fluently. 

I love making creative things – like bracelets, and then I like to be nice to other people – that makes me feel good. I also like animals – I wish for a Yorkie. My favourite food is sushi and Spaghetti Bolognese – and then I love carrot cake.

H: I’m Holly, I’m 9 almost 10, I play football. I have 4 guinea pigs. I like animals – almost all animals. I love to visit new places and see new stuff. I love food – especially sushi, but also mussels. And eggs. My favourite things to do is play Moviestarplanet, run around and play outside, roller skate and eat good food.

What does a week look like for you?

A: Well, I have football twice a week after school for 1-2 hours. We start school at 8.15 – and finish at either 2 or 3 pm. My subjects are Danish, Maths, English, French, History, Religion, Geography, P.E, Food preparation, woodshop and that’s about it. MY favourite subjects are French and food prep – sometimes Danish.

H: I play footie too – same time, different coach – we are juniors. My days are like Audrey’s but shorter. I have Danish, Maths, English, Religion, History, Swimming, P.E, Crafting, Music and Art. I love swimming and maths – but my favourite thing is the Autumn fair we have at the school every year.

A & H: We have a villa next to our school where the bigger kids go after school. It’s like a club with a few adults in charge. We do crafts, play playstation, or go outside and hang out, play soccer, play catch and so on. Sometimes we have late nights and hang out. Every Friday we get popcorn – sometimes cooked on the open fire. Younger kids also have a place to hang out – they do the same things – but there are more children there. After school clubs are usually open until around 5 o’clock.

What do you do when you have a break at school?

A&H: Usually we have to go outside – even if it rains. Sometimes we go outside, other times we hide and look at our phones (sometimes we get caught, and get told of).  In our lunch break, we all eat our lunches in the classroom. Most kids bring a packed lunch, prepared at home – usually by yourself. Others buy something in the canteen. We do that too sometimes – but the food isn’t particularly healthy.

Do you have a smartphone?

A&H: Most kids have a smartphone from when they’re 8 or 9 here. Some also have Ipads. We aren’t supposed to use our phones at school, so they get collected by our teachers. Sometimes we leave them in our pockets. On Fridays you are allowed to play on your phones in the lunch break and after school.

Do you know how to use a computer?

A: When you start the 5th grade you have to have your own computer so my parents got me one. We use it everyday and most of our schoolwork is done on it. I also browse for stuff on it, look at Netflix and play certain games.

H: I am in the 4th grade, so I don’t have my own yet. But I know how it works. We do our maths on it and some assignments. I might not be so fast at typing, but ok I guess. 

Have you ever helped cook in the kitchen?

A: We do that all the time. Now I have food preparation in school, I learn about cooking and prepping food, but we have helped since we were small. Our fave thing to make is Cinnamon rolls, waffles and pancakes. I also know how to make Spaghetti Bolognese. My Mum also tells us to help prepare our lunchbox. We usually have a cold pasta salad, with peas, sweetcorn, peppers, ham or chicken and a curry dressing, or a sandwich – almost always on rye bread with a topping like salami, or ham, a piece of fruit (apple, pear, plum, pineapple, mango) and a treat – like a muesli bar or a smoothie. We drink water or milk.

H: I like to help, stirring in a pot, cutting veg and fruits, and making bread. It is fun to put the ingredients in the bowl and see that it becomes something yummy. It’s boring cleaning up though and my Mum says it’s part of the job, so I sometimes say no thanks to helping.

Do you have chores at home?

A: I always make my bed – every morning. My Mum gives me pocket money for doing chores around the house – like emptying the dishwasher, tidying up, sometimes hoovering. I also like organizing my wardrobe and shoes.

H: I have to make my bed. And then I help do my packed lunch. I sometimes take out the trash. That’s about it. Oh, and sometimes I do the hoovering. We also help clean the guinea pigs. Sometimes!

Do you ever eat candy?

A: Of course – we love candy. We always buy candy on a Friday. It’s a Danish tradition to watch the Disney show when you’re small and get sweets. We love pick’n mix and we call it ‘Fredagsslik’ –  which means Friday candy. We also get popcorn and crisps. Now we watch cooler films on Nexflix or even series.

H: YES, Fridays are great. Candy in my own bowl, and we sit and watch the telly – all of us in the lounge – usually a family film, or series.. It is HYGGE. We love it.

Do you only eat candy on the weekend?

A: Sometimes, when we have a few coins, we buy candy or donuts on our way home from school.

H: No, sometimes we eat donuts or marshmallows. Or a slush ice.

Do you ever go home yourself?

A: Lots of kids in my class cycle to school. My Mum usually drives us – but sometimes she is late at work, so we take the bus home. It is in-fact 2 busses. We always stop at the shop for a treat.

H: Yes, I only travel with Audrey – I am too small on my own. It is really heavy carrying my stuff – my bag weighs a lot I think. But it’s ok. We are getting bigger. In the winter I think we won’t be travelling too much alone – it is dark at 3PM. My Granddad picks us up then.

What do you do in your spare time?

A: I alway check the computer to see if I have any homework – but we usually do it on the weekend for the week. I love crafting and making jewelry for my family and friends. I also check stuff out on my computer, play on my phone, make musical.ly videos and stuff.

H: I love Moviestar planet – it is a fun world in there. My Mum tells me I am allowed a certain time on screens, I usually try an keep to it – but sometimes I am a bit sneaky. We also play outside a lot. Rollerskating, cycling and running around. Or I play with my guinea pigs. Some days I read.

Do you think growing up in the UK is different than in Denmark?

A: Yes, I think it is different. I think I like the idea of a school uniform where everybody dresses the same, but then on the other hand I like that people here have their signature own style. I think it is safer in Denmark maybe. Here we have a lot of freedom,  we have safe cycle paths and I run around outside and play with my sister without any adults hovering over us. We are in nature a lot. We are close to nature. 

H: Yes, I always run around outside on my own and with friends. When we visit my Nan in England, there is always an adult with us at the playground. Maybe it is because we are not that familiar with the area.  My UK cousins are allowed to go home from school now – they’re older than me. 

A&H: We love coming to England – we see so many things, and go shopping, and hang out. We are lucky to see both Worlds. Every other year we celebrate Christmas in the UK – it is so different from our Christmas here, but we think it is fab being able to try both. In Denmark we celebrate it on Christmas evening and have all day to wait. We love getting our gifts in the morning in England. But both are fun. Christmas is always fun.

We also think that  we are brought up slightly differently – and perhaps we are allowed to do more things alone in an earlier age than in Britain. Maybe it is because Denmark is so small and England is a lot bigger. One day we would like to try and go to school in England – just to see what we liked best. Or even live there – shopping is great and the weather a lot warmer!  

Maybe one day!!!

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