Muted greys

Anya Jensen28th February 2017
The current colour I mostly see is actually grey! Grey skies, grey clouds, grey rain, grey buildings, grey roads – you know what I mean. It is the colour of the deep winter – just before the spring is about to spring upon us. Spring the most welcome guest. But grey as a colour is stunning, and goes so very well with most things.



Nordal, is a family company, mother, father, sister & brothers – and their collections always make my heart race a bit faster. I have found some very cool new products – all styled very well, and guess what – one of the most popular colours is – well you guessed it – grey! ENJOY!!


Happy Tuesday people – today is the last day of February 2017, tomorrow is the first day of Spring and I can’t wait – the days are longer, the sun peeks out from time to time and I LOVE it ……

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  • KizzyDoll

    1st March 2017 at 19:41

    Super beautiful setting…lovely. Happy day to you x

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