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Anya Jensen25th April 2017

SPONSORED POST // a collaboration between Simply Danish Living & Mapiful

I am a big fan of decorating your walls, to create a cool and contemporary look. I have also always had a bit of an infatuation with maps – especially vintage old maps. Many make maps these days, but I hadn’t come across any I liked until I stumbled over Mapiful and their custom made maps.

You see, Mapiful enables you to pick your perfect location, and then they create a map based on the coordinates. You can pick your birthplace, the place you live, where you had your first kiss – anywhere that means something special for you.

I have picked the location Copenhagen and London – because that is where we are from in this family. I know that this is perhaps not that different from the masses of maps out there, with destinations exactly like those, but the way you are able to zoom right in and choose the perfect template for your own poster style was what won me over. And did I mention that shipping worldwide is free?

Mapiful by Simply Danish LivingMy Copenhagen Mapiful map

Mapiful maps are also the perfect gift, as you can create a stunning gift for someone, easy to put on the wall, and instantly transform any space. I used one of our mapiful maps in the girls’ tween bedroom – it has been revamped, so keep your eyes peeled for the reveal.

SPONSORED POST // a collaboration between Simply Danish Living & Mapiful

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  • Tana

    27th April 2017 at 12:00

    Absolutely lovely styling.
    The map looks great, cool, contemporary and classic.

    Speak soon,

    Tana xox

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