Knuthenborg Safari Park

Anya Jensen25th July 2021

When we say Safari Park-we mean SAFARI PARK. Knuthenborg is where you get to see animals in an environment almost close to the real thing without any cages. (only the tigers and the wolves for obvious reasons). You drive through the Savannah and see giraffes, elephants in the biggest enclosure in Europe – rescued from a circus. There are rhinos, zebras, antelopes, and many more animals. Then there are the areas where you get to pet the tiny shetland ponies, the donkeys, small goats, There are also lLamas (not that easy to pet we might add).  You simply park your car and go for a walk. It is incredible seeing herds of animals up close and visit the animals that are all divided into the continents where the species originate from. 

In the middle of Knuthenborg is Limpopoland with loads of activities for the kids. A Waterslide called Congo Splash is the steepest in Europe, as well as climbing towers, a family rollercoaster, a water- and adventure playground, and much more. You are also able to eat your packed lunch here or buy food from the many cafes. 

A newer installation is the Forest of the dinosaurs, where you will go 250 million years back in time as you walk around in the dark forest, and meet these prehistoric animals which makes you realize just how fantastic these ancient creatures were. 

Knuthenborg is a brilliant day out and trust us; you’ll spend the entire day there. Remember to bring comfy shoes, sunscreen, and lots of water. We would recommend this place for anyone travelling with children, and we think that the older tweens and teens will enjoy the experience just as much because they know a lot about many of the animals they see, and they get to see them in the “almost wild”. The Dinosaur forest was incredible. Just seeing these amazing creatures in real life size and hear them roar and make their signature sounds- made for a jolly good adventure. The girls were soo impressed with Knuthenborg! They loved every single aspect of the park: that you were able to move around between the animals, also go and play, and explore the dinosaur forest, and much more. Top points and a top day out!

Last year I created a go-to guide for parents with teens and tweens visiting Denmark – mainly the Capital of Copenhagen and the island of Zealand. Find the entire guide right here – just press the link above.

KNUTHENBORG, Knuthenborg Allé, 4930 Maribo,

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