KINDNESS doesn’t cost a thing – sprinkle it everywhere.

Anya Jensen19th February 2018

It was recently Valentine’s day and as much as I adore LOVE like any old person, I have to remind myself (and pretty much everyone else) that being nice, being kind and doing things for someone doesn’t only have to happen on V day.


Nope, I have compiled a list of small things you can do for someone to brighten up their day. You can call it the happiness list if you like – and remember you saw it here first.

1 // Pen a proper card, and send it to someone – just to remind them that you’re thinking about them. A text would do the job, however, nothing is better than a proper letter or a card in the mailbox.

2// Write your Mum/Dad/Nan/sister 10 things that you remember them for. Things that made you happy. Things that make you love them. Trust me they’ll value that piece of paper forever. You can write it nicely and pop it in a pretty box for them to keep.

3// Bake some delish cookies (find my recipe for the BEST chocolate chip cookies ever here) and give them to a colleague, a teacher, your neighbor – it’s a yummy heartfelt gift and who doesn’t love choc chip cookies?.

4// Put a tiny little note on fancy paper in your child’s lunchbox every day, so when they have their lunch they know you are thinking of them. I call it lunchbox poetry.

5// Pick-up trash when you see it lying on the floor. That is LOVE for nature and self-preservation if you ask me. Nature is spilling over with plastic – you can make an effort.

6// Offer a homeless person a nice hot drink and/or a hot sandwich. You have no idea why they ended up where they are, so treat them nicely and remember some nice food/drink always make you feel better.

7// DONATE any unwanted toys, clothes, unused toiletries to someone who needs them more than you. I used to have bags upon bags in the cellar with stuff I was going ‘to sell’ at the flea market. No more!! – now I give it away. Find shelters and places who accept donations. I always try and pick smaller charities as they are more likely to actually make an effort, and things don’t get lost in ‘red tape’.

8// Feed the ducks / birds / garden animals in the winter. Poor things have a difficult time finding food when the ground is frozen and covered in snow. Help them out.

9// Send a care package to someone far away. Just a small token of appreciation – could be their favorite sweets or woolly socks -something you know they’ll love.

10// Compliment someone. Difficult isn’t it. Or is it? Just do it. It’ll make everyone feel so much better. And if someone tries to compliment you – do accept and say thank you.

See how easy that was? Doesn’t take much effort making someone else’s day better. Now go on and have a FANTASTIC day my friends. LOVE A xx



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