KICK the winter blues

Anya Jensen29th January 2018

So after December and a month of fun, fairy lights and festivities the early months of the year are often wet, cold, dull and can feel very long. Back to school, work and getting over the fun is a hard task so I have gathered a few tips that could make the coming months feel a bit easier, lighter and brighter.

Create some everyday magic.

Alright then, what exactly is that? Well, it is all about making a bit of a fuss about the everyday normal things you do. So instead of just making the kids a quick snack when they’re hungry, you set the table, light a candle, put a bit of fruit in a bowl, some almonds and raisins, make some tea and sit together and play a game, read a book or just  have a chat about how your day went.


Enough said. You know what I mean. Flowers are a perfect way to brighten any day. Or even better – make someone B U Y you flowers. Win win if you ask me….

Organize your day.

When you rush around like a headless chicken – hygge kinda disappears and you become stressed, the kids become stressed and the whole thing ends up a big mess. So why not pre-organize your day. Have a meal plan at hand, do the shopping on the weekend, make sure the bags are packed the night before and clothes are already arranged so everyone knows what they’re doing and the rush becomes a lot more bearable. Easy Peasy!!

(AD // notebooks are a gift from Notem studios)

Invite some folks over.

You’re bored. It’s pouring down, and you can’t see yourself walking about in the rain. So what do you do? You get busy in the kitchen – bake a yummy cake (remember these beauties – Sticky cinnamon buns), and call a friend, parents, siblings and invite them over You could also organize an impromptu indoor picnic on the floor, and a day lazying on the sofa watching movies. Popcorn is, of course, a must.


Yep, even though I just told you to stay indoors, when the weather is nice – get out and explore. There is nothing more soothing for the heart and soul than a good long walk in nature. See something new. I always live by the rule that if you try something new, see something new, experience something you’ve never done before it is a day well spent. So get out and go explore – you never know what you might see.

Be nice.

The one and only sentence I preach to my kids every day is “If you can be anything be kind.” Be kind to people, be kind to animals, be kind to nature. That is the most important lesson to teach. Don’t be a walkover. Don’t let people trick you and hurt you, but never be the one who starts the fight.

There you have it – my step-by-step guide to a brighter winter. ENJOY – trust me with these tips – blink and you’ll miss it – Spring is on the way.


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  • Nadya

    19th February 2018 at 03:57

    Love your suggestions!
    I was with my daughter’s 6 and 7 year old this afternoon, and after some slushy snow showers this morning, it was sunny in the afternoon. We walked a few blocks to the college campus, and went to a couple of favorite places, even came back to their home, and played a game! It was a lovely way to spend time together.

  • ivanasworld

    8th February 2018 at 00:41

    Beautiful 🙂

  • Ready Assembled Shoe Cabinet

    1st February 2018 at 13:16

    Nice one. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • KizzyDoll

    31st January 2018 at 19:42

    These are perfect ideas…I definitely feel better with fresh flowers in the house :)) Have a wonderful week my dear xx

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