Julestjernens dag – The day of the Poinsettia

Anya Jensen12th December 2016

I was very lucky to attend a stunning event in The Hercules Pavillion right in the middle of one of my favourite parks in Copenhagen ‘Kongens have’. It was a ‘Julestjerne event’ hosted by Stars for Europe, Floradania Marketing & Eckmann Studio.

The Hercules Pavillion has recently undergone a tranformation in the hands of food createur Merete Becker and eventmanager Dorrit Elmequist. The Pavillion was built by Christian IV – then known as the Blue Pavilion.The pavillion was built with concealed sound ducts which allowed The King and his guests to listen to music in privacy on the first floor while the orchestra played on the floor below.

I had never actually been inside the Pavillion, but my  – I was in for a treat! Eckmann Studios – Anette Eckmann had decked the place out with sophisticated decor – all focusing on the stunning Poinsettia. The window decorations were simply to die for, and made with a simple branch, some greenery and stunning Poinsettia flowers.

The Poinsettia has been left on the sideline for many years, and the only place you saw them was usually at your Grannys house. Stars for Europe and Floradania are trying to change the perception of these beauties and you know what – they have certainly won me over.

We were served a stunning light lunch outside in the cold, but a hearty soup, a shot of vodka and stunning warming cocktail made us forget the blistering cold.

The workshop was help upstairs and we had to style and decorate a stunning etagère from Nordal with anything or everything that our hearts desired. I chose to keep mine minimalistic and sophisticated, yet with a simplistic Nordic touch. Others went to town with stunning reds, pinks or even blush.

All in all I believe every single person who attended the event came out with a renewed love for the ‘JULESTJERNE’ I know I did, and my etagère is still adorning my table – now with lovely Christmas treats, fruit and cookies.

Utterly amazing window display – courtesy of Anette Eckmann


The stunning  setting outside for the  lunch. The Hercules Pavillion looked great.


My attempt of styling the stunning etagère from Nordal


Stunning Christmas tree decorated with Poinsettia flowers and ornaments from Nordal.


Thank you very much Stars for Europe, Floradania Marketing & Eckmann Studio.

Images by Bjarni B. Jacobsen and myself Anya Nøddebo Jensen


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  • Søs Larsen

    13th December 2016 at 09:27

    Hod da … hvor er de smukke. Det der juletræ er da helt igennem smukt

    Søs L 🙂

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