Instagram-friendly places in Copenhagen

Anya Jensen23rd March 2017

I LOVE photographing amazing places. And I love coming across somewhere stunning that I have never seen before. Some places just move me – it has to do with the feel of the place, the setting, sometimes the light, and especially how it makes me feel.

If I drive around and spot something amazing I simply stop the car – get off my bike – and explore. If you use your eyes, you will be amazed at what you’ll discover. There is so much beauty out there, and I advise you to keep your eyes open, use your senses and then you’ll see.

If not – you can rely on my guide to the most photogenic places I know in Copenhagen. I’ll start today and will give you my ideas of beautiful destinations with your phone in hand.

I have been visiting Bellevue beach as long as I remember. The beach is long, sandy and beautiful all year round. One of the more ‘famous’ Instagram favourites these days are the Lifeguard towers designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1932. The towers are still very cool, and the colour fits perfectly with the colours of the sea and beach.

  Simply danish living_2
Simply danish living_1Simply danish living_

We went there – managing to catch the very last sun rays. It was cold, windy and the sea wasn’t calm – but wild. It was perfect.

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