Most Instagram friendly places in Copenhagen

Anya Jensen20th September 2017
Copenhagen is wonderful. So wonderful that Danny Kaye even made a song about the city, called “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen.”

I moved away from here as a young woman as I needed to explore more, and felt that place was too small for me back then. As you might know, I lived in London for 11 years but returned with my family almost a decade ago.

I never used to see what the fuss was all about, but I have since changed my mind entirely, and simply love everything this little city has to offer, and there is a lot.

Copenhagen has it all. Cool design shops, yummy restaurants, funky bars, beaches close by, forests, beautiful scenery, fantastic music scene, museums to die for – I could go on.

But because almost every single one of us has a phone attached to our hands for most of the day, and many of us seem to look through a camera lens more than the actual reality, I have compiled a list of the most INSTAGRAM Friendly places in Copenhagen.

These places pop up on many cool Instagrammers feeds, and they’ll be perfect for you too should you visit Copenhagen.

  • Come early if you want to place to yourself.
  • Use your eyes before the lens – meaning have a look around and compose the picture where it looks best.
  • Use the grid feature so you can follow the lines and get a symmetric image.
  • Sometimes it is good to hang around a bit to get the best shot.
  • Use only natural light – flash simply takes the life out of the photo.
  • Try to play with different angles. You might get a completely different picture from above.Or below.
  • When editing, keep it simple and try to use the same type of editing so you can get a coherent Instagrid.
  • If you are using filters, make sure to use the same ones.
  • HAVE FUN WITH IT – because that is really what it is all about exploring and having a laugh!!!

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