IKEA Summer catalogue 2017

Anya Jensen5th January 2017

So whilst Denmark is experiencing the worst floods in the country for more than 100 years, a lovely summery email ticked into my mailbox.

The new Ikea Summer catalogue, filled with stunning images of warmth, the sunshine, beach life, barbeques and much more. Something of a contrast I might add, but a lovely much-needed tonic in the bleak month of January.

Is it only me that think that January is a bit of a drag. You know, long gone is all the tinsel, food, presents and Christmas tunes, and instead; (floods) winter, frost and long grey days.

So I was delighted with the prospect of dreaming away – to sandy beaches, wind in my hair and saltwater in the air. Hope you enjoy this collection to.

ikea-summer-2017-1-simply-danish-living ikea-summer-2017-2-simply-danish-living ikea-summer-2017-3-simply-danish-livingikea-top-5

The collection is called SOMMAR 2017 – and it will be available to purchase in your local Ikea store from March 2017. You know what – I can’t wait.


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